Getting over a hurdle

This week was a litle difficult for me. I was stressed at work, which is never good and the time change is really exhausting. Have you ever noticed when you get that extra hour of sleep in November, you feel more tired than when you lose an hour. It’s the darkness. We need sunlight…we’re solar powered!! I’m looking into getting a full-spectrum light. I have been told that just 20 minutes a day sitting near it and you feel rejuvenated.

Anyway, I have had 5 dates with this man. We get along great and laugh a lot. We have a lot of the same interests too, which is nice. He was more quiet than normal this week, so I inquired if he was feeling alright. He answered with, “I feel fine. More like I am trying to figure out how I feel.” Well, I have been through this many times. I don’t know why men do this. They subscribe to an online dating site and think they have to get their money’s worth by dating more than one person at a time. Then they get themselves all confused about what they want. It usually happens around date 4-5, so you can’t get yourself too invested because you never know if they are dating multiple people, because they never tell you. Well he came clean, and I started feeling bad about myself. Then I snapped myself out of it. Who is he to tell me if I am good enough or not. If he doesn’t want to be with me, HE isn’t worth my time. I’m a good, caring, smart person. I deserve one person’s full attention!!

I felt really good when I came to that realization. It’s easy to tell someone else that when they go through something like this. It’s difficult believing it yourself. But my therapist has me doing “Tapping” which is a variation of accupuncture. It seems silly when you’re doing it, but it really works in calming and elevating your mood.

So a vistory for me this week!! I’m still fighting the darkness.


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