The hardest time

Well…the holidays are fast approaching. This is the most difficult season for me. Not only is it a reminder of all the people I have lost, but I lost my soul mate the week after Christmas 3 years ago. It seems like yesterday.fb_img_15521006818545413736341544800255.jpg I remember how we would spend time together on Christmas day. My kids always went to their father’s that day, and my friend was Jewish. The town he lived in was a majority Jewish, so some restaurant were open so we could just hang out. He made me happy. The happiest I ever was. How can you not miss someone like that? I try to remember the fun we had, and I feel truly blessed to have known him. He got me through my divorce and helped me find my strength and independence. It brings to mind the old saying, “People come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime.” Maybe he came into my life to show me that I could love someone and that I was worth loving. The spiritual side of me thinks he is truly my soul mate and in different lifetimes, when we need each other the most, we appear in each other’s lives.


Have you ever met someone who you just connected with instantly? Like you had known each other for years? That’s how I felt about this amazing man.

His son just had a baby boy, and they made his middle name his grandpa’s name. That made me happy. I’m sure that little boy has a guardian angel for his lifetime.

Happy Holidays from me to my angels in Heaven.

God Bless


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