Rough Week

Wow! I have not had a week like this in a while! I almost had to envoke my rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act to work in seclusion. It started with me having to make concessions because another supervisor forgot to ask if they could have a couple people off one day. I was supposed to have training all day for First Aid & CPR. I had my mind prepared to have training, but I walked in and was told, “We need you up here. You’ll need to reschedule.” I’ve been at my place of employeement for 11 years and still have to make concessions for rookies. Then people were complaining that I wasn’t doing the same responsibilities as they were. Well of course I’m not, my job description is way different than their’s! Then I had a couple financial hiccups, which always totally strersses me out.

I was almost on the verge of tears, but held it together. I got my essential oils out, which helped. I fought to stay in a good place. I was supposed to make Christmas cookies one night, but my daughter thought it was a better idea if she took me to her high school’s Winter concert. She was right. We had a good time and the music and show were good. So we made cookies the next night and they turned out great. I am trying to remain positive, and stay upbeat. The day of our holiday luncheon, my girl friends and I dressed obnoxiously festive. That helped. Everywhere we went in the building, we had people smiling. By making others happy, it helps fight that darkness, which is probably why a lot of comedians who have depression do what they do.

The key is, even though I had a rough week, I didn’t stop fighting. I’m stubborn that way. I also know that I have the option to envoke the ADA concessions set down for me in agreement with my employer, to combat all the distractions, etc. when needed.

My suggestion to all who are fighting depression, talk to your Human Resources department and get an agreement on paper so you can possibly work from home, or in a more secluded area when you need to. You will need to be professionally diagnosed wit Depression to envoke these benefits. This Act was developed to help us, when we need it. Depression is considered a disability that interferes with the normal life functions. If you are having a bad day, instead of taking a day off and having it count against you, you’re now covered, but you have to get an agreement with your employer to take advantage of these benefits.

Fight the Darkness…always. Make sure one rough day or week does not derail your recovery. Use the darkness against itself to gain a different perspective on the situation.


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