Post Partum

I have given birth to 2 children. I had an easy first birth…extremely fortunate. I only knew I was in labor for maybe an hour, by the time I got the hospital I was 20 minutes away from being a Mom…no drugs needed. Like I said…extremely fortunate. You don’t hear about things like that.

The second birth was scheduled (for obvious reasons), but my sweet angel decided she just wanted to lay sideways and stay with me for a while. So C-section it was! Afterward they had me on Morphine. My mother had been given Morphine after surgery and had a strange reaction, but I didn’t think anything about it. But I guess I am one of the few people Morphine doesn’t do anything for. I still had a lot of pain, so I requested a change in pain medication. Then the oral medication they gave me was great for pain, but since I was nursing, it caused my daughter to sleep A LOT!! So again, I asked for a change in medication. Third times a charm…pain relief and no overly sleepy baby.

But within a month, I could tell something was wrong. I was having mood swings. I could be laughing one minutes and in a total rage the next and for no good reason. I won’t even blame my red hair! I would be cleaning around the house and constantly be grabbing a handful of M&M’s. There was times when I would ask my older daughter to go play in her room because I could feel a mood swing coming and I didn’t want to take my anger out on her because she wasn’t doing anything wrong. Never did I have thoughts of hurting my children. The exact opposite happened. I became almost overly protective. I had thoughts that something bad was going to happen to my babies and I had o protect them.

This wasn’t me. I knew something was wonky. So I mentioned it to my doctor when I went in for my check-up. He diagnosed my with depression and put me on Welbutrin. It started to help almost immediately…my chocolate cravings decreased and the mood swings subsided. I contribute the depression to the use of Morphine. As I said, my mother had a reaction to it. So I am glad I had it changed as soon as I could. I was off the depression medication within a year and stayed off the medication for quite a few years until I was put under a lot of stress during my divorce.

This is why I try to tell people to listen to their own bodies and minds. You know when something is off, and if you can catch it quickly, you won’t sink so far down.


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