“I’m Fine”

How are you today. “I’m fine.”

If you’re like me you don’t want to “burden” people with how you are truly feeling. But how are we going to make people understand Depression, Anxiety or PTSD? People are always surprised when I tell them I have been fighting Depression for years. They keep saying, “But you are always laughing.” “You always seem in a good mood, not sad.” Most people don’t understand that Depression is not “sadness”. I’m mot saying sadness doesn’t play a part. But Depression is a chemical thing in the brain itself

I have a weird sense of humor and I can find humor in just about anything. I can laugh all day long, but still not want to go places or do things I would go and do if I didn’t have this cloud. I just don’t feel like being around people most days. If a friend insists I come out with them, in the past I would come up with an excuse not to go. But lately, I have been really trying not to make up excuses. If I am interested in going where they are, I’ll go. It takes a lot of energy to think up excuses, so if there isn’t a real reason, there is no excuse.

Retail therapy doesn’t help either, believe me. I like shopping…online shopping makes it easy. But if you buy things you don’t need, or have a budget for, or both you are causing yourself more stress. Stress increases the Depression, at least for me it does. The more stress – the more hopeless I feel.

Take control. Take control of things you can – your budget, your finances, your communication, health and stress reduction. Get in a routine of exercising. Exercise creates Endorphins. Endorphins make you feel good. Exercise also keeps you healthy for your family.

Be honest with yourself. Be honest with your family and friends. If you’re having a bad day, let them know. They care about you. Don’t try to sugar-coat how you’re feeling. If people close to you don’t know, they may take what you say or do the wrong way. Instead of always saying, “I’m fine.” Self-assess and maybe say, “I’m having a so-so day” or “It’s not a good day.” You don’t need to go into an in-depth explanation, just tell them you aren’t yourself, or that you are stressed. Getting things out in the open. The more we talk about Depression, the more people will understand, and the more people we have to…

Fight the Darkness


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