Be your own supporter instead of your worst enemy

Depression is a condition that feeds on itself. You have depression, you start to withdraw, which leaves you even more alone feeling, which deepens the depression, and so the cycle begins.

  • You need to fight.
  • Lessen your stress
  • Be good to yourself
  • Set your routine
  • Reconnect

Do not give into the darkness! Literally. Your body needs sunshine, or simulated sunshine.

This is especially critical in the winter when we get less hours of sunshine. I mentioned to my therapist that I feel like I am in Seattle sometimes when we get a lot of rain. She told me that the lack of sunshine will actually deepen depression because our bodies need Vitamin D. She suggested I try to sit outside in the sun for about an hour a day. Being a ginger, the sun and I are not friends. I burn very easily and very quickly. So I bought myself a full-spectrum light. Verilux makes a lot of styles of these lights, most small enough to sit on an end table, desk, night stand, etc. I sit by that for some time each day that I am not outside. It has helped.

Find out what your stressors are and try to reduce the amount of stress you have on a regular basis. In today’s world you cannot totally rid yourself of stress, and some stress is actually healthy. But for me, a messy house causes me stress. Living with a teenager doesn’t help. But this year, I am on a mission to reduce clutter and things I do not use. This also means I need to get my butt up and vacuum, get dishes into the dishwasher and wash what I need to. I have started cleaning as I go, meaning I do not leave things out once I am done with them. Somedays this is harder than others, but I do what I can.

I also get stressed when I can’t do my job the way I think I should do my job. I have started communicating more with my supervisor and manager regarding my job priorities, what I need to do and what we will need to distribute to others in the department. Communication is key. Also, if I get too stressed I take advantage of the Americans with Disabilities Act and go work someplace more quiet. If you can work from home, that might be a solution for you as well.

Be good to yourself by working out; meditation; getting a massage, manicure, pedicure. Anything relaxing to quiet your mind.

Working out/exercising is great because it produces Endorpins which make the brain happy, it will slowly make you look and feel better which will build on itself as well.

Try to keep a steady routine. This will help build healthy habits and automatic behaviors.

Also, try to reconnect with one friend or relative a week. Just give a quick call to say, ” hey, how are you?” Do not wait until someone calls you, take that first step. By showing concern for others, you start to make yourself feel better and not so alone.

So just remember, you need to start helping yourself.Medications and therapy can only do so much.

You need to Fight the Darkness.


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