Would you rather…

Have you ever been at a crossroads with 2 choices?

Would you rather do this or that? Would you rather go here or there? I had a choice this week. Well, I’ve had this choice before too. Let me give you a little background. All my life, I have had an innate ability to sense when someone is close to the end of their life. Sounds weird, I know. Try living with it!

If someone tells me they have been diagnosed with something, or they are going to go see a doctor about something, I will get a sense if it is terminal or not. I hate it!!! Do you tell the person, or keep it to yourself? So my question to you…would you rather know what’s coming, or leave it to fate? If you know what’s coming, would you just give up and forget to live?

I think of people diagnosed with cancer who are told they have a certain amount of time left. Some get their affairs in order and then sit and wait. Others take that time to complete their bucket list. So who makes the best use of the time?

Well, I got news that a loved one has been diagnosed with a terminal disease. I kinda knew months ago, this was just a confirmation. It didn’t make the news any less sad, though. But when I told my daughter, she had great insight. At least I now have time to spend time with this person, to say what needs saying, etc. When this person leaves this world for the next, I will have the opportunity to have no guilt or regret. It sounds like a very mature, intelligent thought.

So now I ask again, would you rather…? We all have choices. Would you rather waste your life hiding from the world, trying to escape, or would you rather have some social interaction, conversation, etc? It’s all up to you. It’s all up to the way you look at things, your perspective.

Cry if you must. Don’t be afraid to laugh. But whatever you do…find a way to Fight the Darkness.


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