Suffer vs. Fight

I mentioned to someone that I have had depression for quite a few years, and their response was, “I’m sorry to hear you have been suffering with this.” It got me thinking. Suffer means to be subject to, to tolerate, to endure without addressing the issue. That’s not what I’m doing. So it made me think some more…how many people are suffering and not trying to help themselves. I know depression makes you not feel like doing anything, believe me I know. But I’m also not the type of person to let something else take total control.

I’m a fighter. Even if I didn’t have 2 kids to raise, I would fight. Depression isn’t a normal part of life. It’s actually the exact opposite. People were not made to have a dark cloud over their heads all the time. Our bodies and minds need sunlight!

You need to finally put your foot down and say, “ENOUGH!” “I’m Done!” First thing you can do is talk to your doctor, and see if anti-depressants can help you. Next, start making some “Me” time. Meditate, workout, or start a hobby. A good workout serves 2 purposes – creating Seratonin and bettering your health and appearance. You can also, give back. Find a cause you believe in and volunteer. Look for a food pantry; or youth mentoring, coaching, etc.; or like me, I help pack meals for 3rd world countries. Volunteering give the brain a positive charge. Journaling is a great idea. Put your thoughts on paper and revisit them later. You could gain insight by giving it time and space. Then, just search the internet. Google knows a lot! There are all sorts of professional resources as well as new techniques (ie. EFT tapping, accupuncture, etc).

With time, and a little fight you can start to feel differently. A little more energetic, a little more social and upbeat.

But it is your decision. Do you want to sit back and let the darkness take over and control you? Or, do you want to stand your ground and Fight the Darkness?


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