Small Victories

I love small victories. I love huge victories. Hey…a win is a win!

Today, my company ran an active shooter drill. The drill was run by a really good security company. They told us we had 3 choices: Run – or evacuate, Hide, or fight. 99.9% of the employees just wanted to hunker down in a locked office and wait. Sorry, that just isn’t me. The last drill we had a couple years ago, I made it to within a few steps of the outside. I thought that was pretty good for a first attempt. I work on the 3rd floor, so not an easy task. I had an escape route planned out. I just made the mistake of opening the door to the stairwell without double-checking for the assailant.

I learned my lesson. For 2 years I thought about how I would get out of our building. I liked the route I picked because there are a lot of places to hide if I need to. I also got a play fire extinguisher to use as a “weapon.” My thought is that a fire extinguisher can provide a smoke screen. I could swing it as I run past the perpetrator and bash them in the head, take out a knee, knock the weapon out of their hands…you name it. I have visualized this.

So we got word that the drill had started. I got about 1/4 way through my route and I hear the shooter coming at me. “Oh Shit!” So I ducked into a cubicle and checked the security mirrors to make sure I couldn’t be seen. The shooter started to leave the area, so I popped my head out, started back on my route and here comes the shooter again!! So I duck into another cubicle. This time I had to dive under a desk because the shooter was actually coming through that section!! Even though it was a drill, my heart rate was up! The shooter walked right past me! Then she was gone…yes a female shooter!! So off I went again. I followed my escape route like I had planned with my fake fire extinguisher. I made it to the far stairwell. WHEW! Now down the stairs…no shooter. Got down to the 1st floor, now to get out. I Made It!!!

I was greeted by the security company’s president. He loved that I had the extinguisher. He actually advises people to grab fire extinguishers for the reasons I listed earlier. Yea Me!!!

I felt so accomplished. My plan worked. I cannot tell you how many people asked me if I made it out without being “killed.”

So maybe, just maybe, I’ll have some people try to evacuate with me. I think I showed them that with planning it can be done. You don’t have to just sit and wait for the shooter to break into an office and shoot you.

Like I said before…I’m a fighter. This is why I will always Fight the Darkness.


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