I know I haven’t posted anything about Anxiety. Depression and Anxiety usually go hand in hand. Fortunately, I do not have Anxiety. Maybe because I’m way to stubborn to be anxious about anything.

My daughters, on the other hand do have moderate cases of Anxiety. My older daughter has an Anxiety pet, a cute little Welsh Corgi named Turnip.

The younger daughter just went through spells of chest pains, so we’ll have to see her doctor to see what we can do about that. The Cardiologist said her heart is A-OK.

We have tried essential oils and they provide some relief. My younger daughter also has ADHD so meditation is a bit impossible. We have found an activity that calms her, but it is something she mostly has to do at home. It’s diamond painting. She did take a small picture to school with her though.

I found something on the web that looked interesting and potentially helpful. Here it is:


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