Ups & Downs

56aba199dd0895a3018b478f-750-5008659706952050672527.jpgI have finally found a good guy. Very understanding.

Still having stress at work, trying to do two jobs at once.

Youngest daughter graduated high school! I deleted all the school numbers from my phone.

I wasn’t able to go to Hawaii for my sister’s vow renewal. That’s a once in a lifetime thing.

My oldest nephew came into town for a day and we had a great time in the city,


This is the roller coaster that is my life. I’m sure everyone has a life like this to some extent, right? Several years ago I would never even think of writing about it. But with this depression the disappointments seem bigger and the high points less high. But I am trying to see the positives.

I don’t try to think of accuses not to go out when it’s a date with my new guy!

I have the ability to do 2 jobs when needed. It’s only my type-A that makes me think I’m not doing either job well.

My daughter is on her way to adulthood. She has plans that she’s working on.

I really don’t understand vow renewals. Once you take a vow, why would you have to retake the vow. It says, “until death do us part.” That’s forever, right? It would have been nice to go to Hawaii, but it really would have stretched my budget, and it’s a long flight. My brother wasn’t able to go either.

I don’t get to see my family as much as I would like, so it was nice to spend the day with my nephew, is son and his new wife.

I think I’m realizing it’s perspective. If I try to see the positive in situations they don’t seem to affect me as negatively, and my depression stays at bay.



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