Good Grief

What is grief? How long should someone grieve?

Grief by definition is deep sorrow, especially that caused by someone’s death. In reality, it is when a piece of your soul dies because someone or something you love is gone. This could be a loved one, a pet, a dear friend, it doesn’t matter.

The thing is, everyone NEEDS to grieve. It is the way the mind and body process the loss. Without grief there can be no healing. Grief is good.

Now how long should a person grieve…well that’s up to the person, the depth of the relationship and how they process the emotions.

I’ve been in different levels of grief for over 3 years. The day the love of my life passesd was the day I first felt how it feels to lose 1/2 your heart and soul. I will never stop grieving for him, but life does go on and I know he wouldn’t want me wasting the rest of my life in that dark place.

So grieve how you need to grieve. But always try to Fight the Darkness.


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