Lists (part 2)

WOW!! Stress level reduced!

As I was saying in my previous post, I have been so stressed at work because I have been expected to do 2 jobs and I really felt I wasn’t doing either one well. Well, my therapist suggested I make a list of the steps needed to get my one big project done from start to finish, not just from where I am in the project now. So I did that. You know what I found out?? I’m half way to my goal!! It’s taken a bit longer than what I had planned, but life doesn’t go as planned, no matter how hard we try. But I realized I had accomplished more than I had thought. It made me feel good. The 2 most important people to me, had kept telling me that I had done in 8 months, what the previous person hadn’t been able to get done in 5 years. Now I can see what they were saying!

So if you are like me and look at things as All or Nothing…give yourself a visual. Whether it is a timeline, a list, or a really cool visual like I made myself (picture to come), keep it somewhere where you can see it all day long. You make your goals only by keeping them in sight. It keeps you focused and motivated.

Remember, keep your goals in sight and you’ll be able to Fight the Darkness.


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