Open Communication

I felt so good this week! By being open about my fight with Depression, I had the opportunity to help someone else. The daughter of a friend of mine, (let’s call her Alice), is suffering with some anxiety. She stressed herself out at college, failed all her classes because she couldn’t make it to class, couldn’t come clean with her folks, didn’t bother registering for classes.

Alice doesn’t want to talk to her mom or dad about anything she is feeling. She just keeps saying she’s fine.

Alice’s mom came to me and asked if she could talk to me about what things I have tried in my fight, and what my kids have tried with their Anxiety. Yes, my kids have anxiety that we are all fighting. I was able to give her the name of my therapist, who she can use or be referred to someone else. I talked to her about some focusing techniques, essential oils and CBD oil.

I am just glad I was able to lend assistance. The more we talk about what we are going through (without whining) the more open people will be around us, and willing to ask questions.

The more light we put on depression and anxiety, the more we Fight the Darkness.


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