Know when and what to release


Unseen Support

This weekend I was surprised by a message I received. My friend Bruce had seen a post I put on Facebook. It was one of those vague posts about “I’m doing OK” type things. We’ve all seen them. All of a sudden I get a pop-up asking if I was OK. I rezponded, “Yes. Why?” He said he had seen my post and just wanted to make sure I was doing alright, or if I needed to talk. I assured him I was good, but thanks for checking on me.

If more people would take that minute or two to check on friends who don’t seem themselves, we might not have so many mental health issues.

Open Communication

I felt so good this week! By being open about my fight with Depression, I had the opportunity to help someone else. The daughter of a friend of mine, (let’s call her Alice), is suffering with some anxiety. She stressed herself out at college, failed all her classes because she couldn’t make it to class, couldn’t come clean with her folks, didn’t bother registering for classes.

Alice doesn’t want to talk to her mom or dad about anything she is feeling. She just keeps saying she’s fine.

Alice’s mom came to me and asked if she could talk to me about what things I have tried in my fight, and what my kids have tried with their Anxiety. Yes, my kids have anxiety that we are all fighting. I was able to give her the name of my therapist, who she can use or be referred to someone else. I talked to her about some focusing techniques, essential oils and CBD oil.

I am just glad I was able to lend assistance. The more we talk about what we are going through (without whining) the more open people will be around us, and willing to ask questions.

The more light we put on depression and anxiety, the more we Fight the Darkness.

Chinese Medicine

I am going to try this. What could it hurt right? Chinese medicine has developed so many wholistic cures and treatments. To put ice on the back of my next for 10 minutes every day or so couldn’t hurt. I’ll let you know how it goes in a couple weeks.

Rearranging Thoughts

I am doing better. My therapy is working. Therapy is a great tool to help learn coping techniques. I have learned a different way to think about things. Not try to control everything, because you never really have control and you just cause yourself more stress.

Do not feel weird about going to therapy. It is an unbiased person, looking at things from the outside. It’s that distance that let’s them see the bigger picture. A good therapist will have learned many types of techniques to help you rearrange your thought process, reactions, etc. in order to help reduce your stress, which will lessen your depression.

I know there can be some reluctance to therapy, but to does help and no one needs to know unless you want them to. It’s all confidential.

We all need help to Fight the Darkness!

Lack of Manners

6359028304642344451507371618_manners3239469963830619876.jpgMay I ask a question of the Universe? Where have manners and respect gone?

About a month and a half ago, a man who I has a few dates with and seemed to get along well with, implied he wanted things to become serious between us. Then sooner than the snap of your fingers, he did a 180 and said his schedule was too chaotic to date and he couldn’t spend the time with me that he wanted, and that he was sorry.  I’ve been dating long enough to know a blow-off when I hear one. Well, a couple days ago he texted me again, saying, “Hi Baby!” Excuse me? You blew me off a month ago, you don’t get to call me Baby. Then he started talking like we had never split.

Where is the apology for hurting me? He even asked if I wanted to come over to his place for dinner. I told him, I don’t go to a man’s house on a first date. He laughed. Am I wrong? When you split with someone, you can’t get back with them and start where you left off. Especially when you don’t start the conversation with an apology, or a “What an absolute jerk I am!” WTF!!!! I’m sorry, but I have more respect for myself than that.

I was raised to treat people the way I would want to be treated, and I try very hard to do that. When you treat people with respect, you get respect…or at least should get respect. And if you don’t get respect, you need to speak up for yourself and let the person know they are being an asshole, or  be ready to walk away.

I believe in saying please and thank you. I believe in apologizing when I have been wrong or hurt someone by something I did or said. I believe in not purposely hurting someone and acting like everything is fine.  I think if everyone would remember their manners and treat people with respect, the World would be a much better place, and society would have less cases of Anxiety and Depression and Self-Harming behavior.

Just something to think about.