Exercise is a necessary component of healing from depression, and this is for several reasons. Exercise lowers stress. It produces endorphins which are the feel-good hormones. The expending of energy, increases energy levels.

Some great forms of exercise for depression are Tai Chi, Yoga and running. Tai Chi allows for Self reflection and inner thought. It is great for reducing stress and is very low impact. Yoga is another low impact form of exercise. It is great for meditation and self-reflection as well. I have several friends who run and they say that they take the time to say prayers, run through thoughts, just de-stress.

The benefits of  exercise is the energy boost, better sleep and a regulation of body chemistry. Due to the perspiration, the toxins in the body are eliminated better so you feel healthier and your immune is better. And then there is the cosmetic of looking better and more fit.

So start moving. Even if it’s just a few minutes a day. Park in a parking space a little farther away from the store. Start small and add more as you get going. If you start all gung-ho more than likely you will over-train and either get injured or just give up.