Another way to fight depression, is to exercise. Exercise produces endorphins, which are chemicals in the brain that create that good feeling. Have you heard of the “runners’ high?” That’s what endorphins do. If you have not exercised regularly, please do not jump into the deep end; it usually leads to overtraining and quitting all together.  Start with something simple. Any activity more than what you have been doing is a great first step. If you have someone at home to walk with, do crunches with, anything. Yoga is a great choice, because of the calming affect it has. It allows you to meditate and de-stress, along with gaining strength, flexibility and losing weight.

If you want to start taking classes,, do it. One day a week, is a great start. Look for a class that sounds fun, maybe something a little funky. If there is a class that has variety built into it, even better! If you already have a piece of home workout equipment, clean the laundry off of it, dust it off and maybe wake up a few minutes earlier one day a week and use it. Then in a couple weeks add another day.

Work your way up to a few days a week…at least 3 days is recommended for better health. So you will be helping your depression and the rest of your body with just one activity. Exercise will also boost your energy level, helping you get out more, complete more activities.

Also, find a way to hold yourself accountable. A workout buddy is great for that. Mark your calendar for your workout day, like a Dr appointment.

You might think about boxing or martial arts so you can Fight the Darkness. Now get moving!